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2011 Portfolio Review

From the data listed from, the return for my portfolio (after fees and trading cost) was 8.4%.

The DJIA (as measured by the ETF DIA) was up 8.04%.

The S&P 500 (as measured by the ETF SPY) was up 1.18%.

The portfolio beat both the DJIA and the S&P 500.

Here is the breakdown of the portfolio:

25% Gold Mining Stocks: Closed End Fund – ASA.

 ASA was down 23.63% this year. Closed End Funds are worthy of a future post. I’ll have to TRY to explain the premium/discount concept.

25% Long Term Bonds: Mutual Fund – WHOSX

TLT was up 41.23% this year. 

35% Gold – GLD (for tracking) 

GLD was up 9.57% this year. 

5% Silver – SLV (for tracking)

SLV was down 10.74% this year.

10% Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities: ETF – TIP 

TLT was up 13.28% this year.

2011 Year End Analysis:

The one position that I have mixed feelings about is Silver. Silver maxed out at $48.70 on April 28, 2011. I knew silver would be great speculation, but back in 2008, I sold out the majority of my silver position at $20, and moved the funds to gold. I’m a little mixed about the move because I did miss out on the big move to $48, but I’m more comfortable holding gold over silver. The silver market is/was too volatile for a majority position. I am also getting a little worried about Long Term Government Bonds. Long-term interest rates are already low, and I do not know how much longer that is going to last.

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2012 Portfolio Rebalance

2011 has really flown by. With the end of the year, I’m looking at adding additional funds to my Roth account, and also looking at taking some new “loans” out to pay for my yearly expenses.

In some upcoming posts, I’ll go over all the different funds that make up my portfolio, and whether any changes are needed.

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Start of Something New

Since 2011 is almost over, I decided I would start blogging for 2012. This site will mostly deal with financial topics, but will probably eventually deal with other issues as well.

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